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Nike x Kohl's


Lead Designer

Additional Credit

Visualization: Matt Selander
Sizzle Reel Courtesy of Nike NA CDM Team


Establish Nike as a premier brand presence at Kohls' pinnacle consumer-live retail lab in Milwaukie, WI.


  • Lead Nike's most significant initiative with Kohl's

  • Renewed Nike's partnership and reputation with the Kohl's corporate team and established Nike as a brand leader, earning them favorable placements and promotion both in-store and online

  • Designed custom fixtures, graphics, and displays to increase Nike's brand presence throughout all apparel and footwear departments

  • Engineered exclusive custom dressing room pods for Men's and Women's departments to create a more intimate brand moment and "pop-up shop" feel

  • Identified and influenced merchandising opportunities to promote cross-department merchandising

  • Identified opportunities for consumer loyalty for both Kohl's and Nike with the use of QR codes as well as developing kiosks where consumers could easily shop online for additional colorway/size/style selections related to mannequin displays or merchandised fixtures

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